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Improve Collections and Boost Patient Satisfaction

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The rise in high deductible health plans has increased patient responsibility: forcing many patients to pay more out-of-pocket for healthcare services than ever before. As expected, patients want providers to tell them up front what they’ll ultimately owe. ZirMed’s Patient Estimation is a patient cost estimation solution that assists your staff in providing patients with a written estimate before services are rendered that explains the cost of all procedures, including what the insurance company will likely pay and what the patient will likely owe.

Leverage an Accurate Patient Responsibility Estimator

A patient cost estimation solution is an essential part of any patient collection strategy. ZirMed’s Patient Estimation solution combines your contract data, fee schedule, and chargemaster information with benefit data  (e.g., co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance) to create an accurate estimate of patient responsibility.

Toe Hot Side TR336ZCT Belleville Boots Weather Composite Zip Tan Collect Earlier in the Revenue Cycle to Reduce AR Days

Not only must you collect more money directly from your patients than ever before, but you also need to keep satisfaction high while doing it. This is the only way to build patient loyalty and ensure payment for the services you provide. Patient cost estimation helps inform patients of their financial responsibilities. Why is this important? Educated patients are more likely to pay when they understand what they owe. ZirMed’s Patient Estimation solution provides a written estimate for each patient so you can collect from them much earlier in the revenue cycle and reduce overall AR days.

Empower Staff to Provide Patients with Accurate Pricing Information

As patients continue to expect more transparency around their healthcare costs, you can empower your staff to assist patients with pricing inquiries. ZirMed’s Patient Estimation solution helps you answer patient pricing questions with confidence either before or at the time of service.

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Improve Patient Satisfaction

Most patients are grateful when providers offer a cost estimate. Written estimates not only increase overall patient satisfaction, but they also help patients plan how and when they are going to pay.

Integration Capabilities

By design, ZirMed’s revenue cycle management platform enables creators of healthcare technology solutions to seamlessly and easily incorporate our HIPAA and PCI-compliant applications and transactions into your software solutions. Using ZirMed’s integration capabilities, organizations seeking a traditional approach of exchanging EDI transactions may transmit and receive a variety of claims, payments, eligibility inquiries, and other healthcare transactions using established technologies and methods such as X12 files, APIs, Flat Files, FTP, Encryption (i.e. PGP), and more. You’ll have confidence knowing that your exchanges are occurring securely, in compliance with all regulatory guidelines, and utilizing existing technological capabilities.

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